Category: technology

Apr 22 2008

Moondust and duct tape

Backyard garage mechanics have a place on the heavenly bodies.

Aug 04 2007

How to survive in a sinking car

Another reason to wear that damn seat belt. Also, carry this on your keyring.

Jul 22 2007

Safest seats in a plane crash

Obviously, it’s all a plot to kill off the 1% in first class.

Jun 04 2006

Why the DMCA is so bad

According to the IEEE, “Copyright is being turned from a limited-term incentive designed to encourage creative artists to a broadly scoped transfer of wealth from the public to the private realm. ” IEEE Spectrum- Death by DMCA

Sep 25 2005

Finally, some useful technology…

How to eat a pizza with one hand.

Aug 23 2005

Those clever Japanese….

Just wide enough to walk through.

Aug 04 2005

How prices have changed

Came across this old receipt, which nearly gave me a stroke to look at. Thought you might like to have a stroke, too…. ;-)  

Jul 13 2005

An alternative to the same old grill

Don’t do this at home.