Apr 08 2010

Animals thrive without oxygen at sea bottom

…three species of multicellular animal, or metazoan, that apparently spend their entire lives in oxygen-starved waters in a basin at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. via Animals thrive without oxygen at sea bottom : Nature News.

Apr 08 2010

Found this image on the NASA App

In a very unique setting over Earth’s colorful horizon, the silhouette of the space shuttle Endeavour is featured in this photo by an Expedition 22 crew member on board the International Space Station, as the shuttle approached for its docking on Feb. 9 during the STS-130 mission.

Apr 02 2010

Terrifying sea critter hauled from ocean’s depths

Check out the claws. The pictures reveal the creature to be a giant isopod, a large crustacean that dwells in deep Atlantic and Pacific waters. This particular creature is a Bathynomus giganteus, a deep-sea scavenger that feeds on dead whales, fish and squid. via Terrifying Sea Critter Hauled from Ocean’s Depths | Fox News.

Dec 28 2009

An illusion of sex change

…rest assured that the both faces are actually versions of the same androgynous face neither male, nor female. One face was created by increasing the contrast of the androgynous face, while the other face was created by decreasing the contrast. The face with more contrast is perceived as female, while the face with less contrast …

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Sep 03 2009

Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women

men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than those who chat to someone they do not find attractive… via Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women – Telegraph. I knew that. Really. I was just distracted.

Jul 28 2009

Swedes miss Capri after GPS gaffe

Yes, they drove to Carpi. 400 miles away. To the north. Not an island. No blonde joke here. So now literacy is fundamental to even going where you’re going. This means that 14% of Americans are going to get lost a lot.

Jul 13 2009

Australian astronomers reveal image of a cosmic “blue whale”

Centaurus A, a vast galaxy 14 million light-years distant, holding a gigantic black hole in its center 50 million times larger than the Sun, is emitting a radio glow that covers an area of the sky 200 times larger than the Moon. And not a single part of it is visible to the eye – …

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Jun 30 2009

The Extinction Oscillator

When I was studying geology at Columbia, the theory of geologic gradualism was being replaced by a new idea of catastrophism, which proposed that long periods of stability were sometimes broken by huge geological events: volcanoes would erupt after long periods of quiet, drowning a landscape in lava; or an asteroid would strike the planet and …

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May 09 2009

Roomba’s pathways

Apr 30 2009

Huge impact crater discovered on Mercury

A giant crater, named Rembrandt basin, was photographed by the MESSENGER spacecraft on a mission to Mercury, so large that “…if formed on the east coast of the United States would span the distance between Washington, D.C., and Boston.” Let’s hope that never happens here.  

Apr 29 2009

Google’s tracking of search queries on flu in Mexico

Using Google search activity in Mexico to help track human swine flu levels.

Apr 28 2009

Cosmic blast sets distance mark

…the most distant single object ever detected by telescopes… BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Cosmic blast sets distance mark

Apr 27 2009

The world’s most super-designed data center

We can dream, can’t we?

Apr 23 2009

A cyber-attack on an American city

Just after midnight on Thursday, April 9, unidentified attackers climbed down four manholes serving the Northern California city of Morgan Hill and cut eight fiber cables in what appears to have been an organized attack on the electronic infrastructure of an American city. via Bruce Perens – A Cyber-Attack on an American City.

Apr 23 2009

Frog eats Christmas light, gets illuminated

© Boing Boing

Apr 19 2009

Apple’s new weapon

iPods on the battlefield. Making sense of the reams of data from satellites, drones and ground sensors cries out for a handheld device that is both versatile and easy to use. With their intuitive interfaces, Apple devices—the iPod Touch and, to a lesser extent, the iPhone—are becoming the handhelds of choice.  

Apr 18 2009

Most massive cosmic pileup ever seen

Four galaxy collision. 

Apr 13 2009


Feb 27 2009

Fun with magnets

cre.ations.net – Creation: Magnetic self-assembly in slow motion

Feb 26 2009

A green goddess: Two-tailed comet snapped streaking past Earth