May 28 2008

Death by wired bras

More health reasons why women should abandon brassieres and go topless.

May 23 2008

Discovery of most recent supernova in our galaxy

We usually see supernovas only in other galaxies. Statistically they should occur about 3 times in every century in the Milky Way, too. But they are often very far away and hidden by dust, so only X-ray and radio telescopes can “see” them. This one turns out to have just happened.    

May 23 2008

Ants swarm over Houston area, fouling electronics

Invasion of the transformer snatchers.  

May 19 2008

This explains everything

Next time you can’t understand what the hell tech support is trying to tell you, remember this.

May 02 2008

Electronics’ ‘missing link’ found

A new device called a memristor “remembers” whether it’s on or off whether or not it has power…  

Apr 22 2008

Moondust and duct tape

Backyard garage mechanics have a place on the heavenly bodies.

Mar 12 2008

Dolphin rescues whales

Compassion amongst animals.  

Mar 02 2008

May the Force Be With You – whatever it is

NASA Baffled by Unexplained Force Acting on Space Probes

Nov 07 2007

The meaning of “object-oriented programming” according to Hoyle. Well, Kay.

The definitive answer, from the guy who invented it: Dr. Alan Kay.

Sep 10 2007

Unix beach babes

My kind of girl. Ping!

Aug 30 2007

Geek wedding cakes

Oh, Lord. Must we?

Aug 25 2007

First aid on a page

heal thyself…

Aug 23 2007

Astronomers find enormous hole in the universe

Oops. Somebody tore something.

Aug 16 2007

“The Wonderful”: a new kind of star

It’s a star. It’s a comet. It’s a 30,000-year-old supernova shedding itself all over the place.

Aug 04 2007

How to survive in a sinking car

Another reason to wear that damn seat belt. Also, carry this on your keyring.

Jul 22 2007

Safest seats in a plane crash

Obviously, it’s all a plot to kill off the 1% in first class.

Jul 12 2007

Nine brain quirks you didn’t realize you had

Your brain is not a machine. It’s an eccentric neighbor who’s constantly muttering under his breath.

Jul 02 2007

Armada of 29,000 plastic yellow ducks

Beware the new Chinese navy.

Jun 04 2006

Why the DMCA is so bad

According to the IEEE, “Copyright is being turned from a limited-term incentive designed to encourage creative artists to a broadly scoped transfer of wealth from the public to the private realm. ” IEEE Spectrum- Death by DMCA

Feb 02 2006

Meditation found to increase brain size

People who meditate grow bigger brains than those who don’t.