Sep 25 2005

Finally, some useful technology…

How to eat a pizza with one hand.

Sep 17 2005

Power-dressing man leaves trail of destruction

An Australian man built up a 40,000-volt charge of static electricity in his clothes as he walked, leaving a trail of scorched carpet and molten plastic and forcing firefighters to evacuate a building.

Frank Clewer, who was wearing a woolen shirt and a synthetic nylon jacket, was oblivious to the growing electrical current that was building up as his clothes rubbed together. When he walked into a building in the country town of Warrnambool in the southern state of Victoria Thursday, the electrical charge ignited the carpet.

“It sounded almost like a firecracker,” Clewer told Australian radio Friday. “Within about five minutes, the carpet started to erupt.” Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 23 2005

Those clever Japanese….

Just wide enough to walk through.

Aug 04 2005

How prices have changed

Came across this old receipt, which nearly gave me a stroke to look at. Thought you might like to have a stroke, too…. ;-)


Jul 13 2005

An alternative to the same old grill

Don’t do this at home.

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