Desolation Sound Cruise: Princess Louisa Inlet (evening)


Guests on Surfbird

After a late afternoon rest (which included re-watering the tanks, cleaning the galley, showering, etc.), and after a short visit to the guests aboard Surfbirdto reflect on the cruise, the last remaining members of the NYYC fleet boarded a cramped and charming commercial fishing boat for a short trip across to the dock of the Restaurant at Painted Boat. During the ride, Glenn attempted to entertain the ladies with his famous pole-dancing video of Saturday night; they seemed dubious.


Jim Barker, Margaret Zoehrer, and Sheryl Kelly viewing the famous pole dancing video

We had reserved the entire restaurant, and filled 4 or 5 tables on the second floor. Being three amigos, one of was bound to be an odd man out, and I chose to join a foursome made up of Jim and Kay Barker and Bill and Alice Burnham, who had been sailing on a 52-foot Kadey Krogen.


Painted Boat Restaurant

We spent the evening talking racing and cruising and the travails of having a three man all-male crew. After oysters and salmon, John McColloch stood and spoke wonderfully about the joy of the cruise, his invaluable wife Brookie, and his happiness that everyone seemed to have truly enjoyed the unusual three-club cruising structure.

And with that, and some dessert and coffee, the Desolation Sound Cruise officially came to an end. We returned on our wonderful little fishing boat to our dock, comparing travel itineraries for the trip home; and scattered to our boats, ready to return.