Rollin’ with the Model S

A little more than 2 months with the Tesla Model S, and I am loving this car more and more every day.

It’s not as plush as a Mercedes. Hasn’t got quite the raw sex appeal of a 911 or the stunning looks of an Aston Martin. Not as, well, garish as the Fisker Karma. Instead, it is the best balanced, smoothest, most responsive car I have ever driven. It is whip-ass fast, and in ways you don’t realize from the numbers: it moves so quickly when asked that passing and cutting through traffic is effortless and instinctive; the power curve is so linear, with no fade as engine revs peak, that you simply move like a rocket while others are hesitating at their shift points. It has a flat, predictable, straight-line acceleration unlike any other vehicle I know.

The battery floorbed keeps the car dead flat on curves, with no sway when swerving to avoid road debris or other inattentive drivers. No oversteer or sense that the car might roll or skid away from you. The specs say it is heavy, but there is absolutely no perception of it, since none of the weight of the car is up where it would affect handling.

The seats are spare yet comfortable, more so than the Panamera, whose seats my wife detested. Visibility is generally quite good, with the sole exception being the rear window, and even then only in reverse gear. The panoramic sunroof is dark enough that here in Florida I don’t even notice it (though summer is coming….) Lack of a transmission tunnel through the interior means far more legroom and storage capacity in the back.

Of course there are some minor flaws. The phone history’s call times are three hours off, while the clock is in local time (I’ve made calls in the future, apparently); occasionally the display switches to night mode late in the afternoon (related to the time zone issue, perhaps?). The brakes squeak. But these are such trivial issues that I am almost embarrassed to mention them, and in most cases, they can be rectified with a software update.

So, all in all, I love this car. The pre-purchase apprehension and uncertainty has melted away, and the press hype has been revealed to be no hype at all. As the ever-increasing number of high-speed chargers approaches a certain critical mass, recharging concerns will also vanish. The Model S stands as the most impressive new sedan available, and there isn’t another car I would rather own.