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WaitButWhy and Iron Man

Really first class article about Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, energy use, and the future of the world. So on my visit to California, I had two goals in mind: to understand as best I could what Musk and his teams were working on so feverishly and why it mattered so much, and to try to …

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Quantum levitation

Hmmm! Rather “cool” video of quantum locking of superconducting magnets. IOW, magnets that float and move in a locked position relative to other magnets. via Quantum Levitation 

Einstein archives, online

Read. Browse. Possibly some of it will rub off.

FermiLab physicists may have found new particle

Physicists at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory are planning to announce Wednesday that they have found a suspicious bump in their data that could be evidence of a new elementary particle or even, some say, a new force of nature. via FermiLab Physicists May Have Found New Particle

Wireless electricity is here (seriously)

We both shift our gaze to an unplugged Toshiba television set sitting 5 feet away on a folding table. He’s got to be kidding: There is no power cord attached to it. It’s off. Dark. Silent. “You ready?” he asks. via Wireless Electricity Is Here (Seriously) | Fast Company.  

May the Force Be With You – whatever it is

NASA Baffled by Unexplained Force Acting on Space Probes